Why do we LOVE to enzyme? And why have we chosen to specialise in DMK treatments?

Skin is a holistic approach and you will hear us go on and on and on about this. We are lucky that we get to do what we love every single day treating acne, aging, pigment and skin health, but it’s really important to understand that its not a “quick fix” and results don’t happen “over night”  - we not only look at treatments and home prescriptives but also diet, water intake, digestion, stress and hormones (just to name a few) which are all factors when going on a skin revision journey.

With our treatments the reason they are different to most, is that a “typical cosmetic style treatment” works topically on the skin, so it will exfoliate, maybe hydrate, or temporally plump out fine lines. -  they have that feel good “fluffy” factor.

Our DMK treatments work with the internal functions and structures of the skin. So we are able to not only address what you don’t like about of your skin -  what you see - but most importantly we work on your skins ability to function properly and treat why the condition has occurred in the first place.

The best way to explain it is, imagine you were looking through the top of your skin, down into a factory. Whatever you see on the surface of the skin is in direct relation to something that is happening within that factory. So we not only need to remove what you don’t like topically but we also need to address the reason why it got there in the first place. 

Enzyme Therapy works on the circulatory system - so bringing fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to the cell which then causes a “reverse osmosis” – a back flushing in and around the cell and through the capillary loop. Then it creates a lymphatic drainage back down into the major lymph ducts at the root of the neck. This gets your factory functioning optimally so when we remove all those things you don’t like off the surface and you have a better stronger healthier skin coming through with amazing barrier repair!



This is our introduction to DMK enzyme therapy. This treatment is perfect for first timers or clients on roacutane and includes enzyme therapy + light pre-exfoliation. 

 LEVEL TWO - $220

1 pre-exfoliation as well as enzyme therapy is used to remove and rebuild, or enzyme 2+3 for muscle banding to lift and firm the skin.


This is an advanced enzyme therapy treatment, with double exfoliation or Alkaline resurfacing, customised for your skin as part of a revision program and accelerating your results

PRO LIFT - $280

This is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment and a gold class treatment for an instant lift and tighten. 

We increase dermal hydration our fabulous peel, then use a triple layering technique of enzyme 1+2+3 to leave your skin lifted, bouncy and a incredible glow.

A must have before any special occasions. 


*Add-on to any skin treatment - $150

This awesome, strengthening and firming enzyme is specifically designed for the body.

Body Enzyme Therapy is excellent for cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation, as well as the treatment of ingrown hairs, pigmentation, stretch marks and acne on the body.


Alkaline Wash solution is used to effectively remove hair and can be used on most parts of the body. This DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment is commonly applied to fine facial hair. This type of hair can be difficult to treat with electrolysis, IPL or laser as it is usually dense, the follicles are small and it involves a great amount of time and/or there is no colour present for light technologies. The advantage of the Alkaline Wash is that it is possible to remove large areas of hair in one treatment, with little to no discomfort or irritation. After the first treatment the hair will grow back at its normal rate, however as DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatments progress the rate of re-growth should lessen, resulting in a reduction of the appearance of hair over a period of time. Some hormonal hair growth may not reduce.